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Sinkholes aka Trashpits in Georgia:


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources prohibited the creation of these trashpits without permission in 1997:


"Home builders in recent years have used inert landfills on individual home building lots as a means of disposal of the land clearing debris. This practice has resulted in numerous complaints from homeowners who discover the burial pits once the debris has decomposed, resulting in the formation of depressions. Under the August 20, 1997 Rule this practice will be prohibited unless the lot consists of several acres of land. Therefore, home builders will be required to use alternatives such as on-site grinding of the material for mulch, off-site disposal in an inert landfill or construction and demolition waste landfill, or off-site disposal at a wood recycling center."     -GDNR REGULATORY AUTHORITY 391-3-4-.06 





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